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The pecan is one of the world's tastiest and most nutritious nuts, and Louisiana ranks third or fourth in the nation's pecan production.  In a good year about 18 million pounds are harvested in Louisiana, with an economic value of nearly 10 million dollars.

The pecan, while one of the youngest agricultural crops in commercial production, is one of the oldest native crops. Early North American explorers found pecan trees growing on alluvial river bottoms in the area roughly following the Mississippi River and its tributaries.


Rosalie Sugarmill Inc. is proud to offer select improved pecans, raised in central Louisiana by the Norman Family on Rosalie’s alluvial Red River soil.  Rosalie Plantation is the Norman family's farm in central Louisiana on Bayou Robert about five miles south of Alexandria.  Centered around a picturesque antebellum sugarmill, the farm includes 100 acres of improved pecan trees and several hundred acres of pasture dotted with live oaks and native pecans.  Here we raise several well-known pecan varieties. 

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Address: 63 Rosalie Road Alexandria,

LA 71302

Tom D. Norman & Thomas F. Norman, founders; Stephen H. Norman,


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